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My name is Martin Jess and I run the "Goshen Forge" in Nova Scotia. Since the day in 2012 when I participated in a Knife Forging Workshop I felt in love with Blade Smithing. It became my Hobby, and I spent every free minute in my little blacksmith's shop forging knives and learning the art of Old School Knife Blacksmithing. Since 2019 I'm able to work full-time in my blacksmith's shop and offer Old School Knife Forging Workshops for young and old. Together with my wife Merle, who operates a Riding Stable, we run our little Bed and Breakfast on our premises in Goshen, Antigonish County.

Blacksmith Martin

Martin Jess, Blacksmith at Goshen Forge


Forge your own knife! My knife forging workshop is a great experience for everybody who likes to "make" things. You will go home with a handforged knife that overcomes centuries, proudly made by yourself!

This is what happens that day:
We start at 9am and everything will be prepared for you. First of all we'll talk about the tools and machines you will use that day and of course your safety. The first thing you'll forge, is a little practice knife. You will go through all the different steps of forging a knife and get a feeling for the Anvil, Hammer and the Coal fire. When the practice knife is done, you decide which size and what kind of knife and you want to forge finally next.

Once, your blade is forged, you have to grind it on the Belt Sander. You correct the shape, and put the Bevels on. After drilling the holes for the Handle Pins, you have to harden and temper the blade. Last step is putting the handle on, shaping the handle, sanding and treat the wood.

I will be there for you every single moment and assist you if necessary. The workshop will take 6-8 hours, number of participants: 1 - 2 persons. Price per person: $220 + Tax (all material is included). Non alcoholic drinks are free.

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All Knives are hand forged from German Carbon Steel. The handles are crafted from local wood, sometimes I use antler, leather and bork. The pins are made of Brass and/or Copper. The only "modern" material is epoxy to glue the scales to the handle.


Only crafted with a Coal Fire, a Hammer and an Anvil. Like it was done in the old days. The blades are all hardened and tempered. Every single one of my knives is unique. You will never find another one looking the same.


The Blades come in many different shapes and sizes. I have a variety from 2inch Boot Knives to big 6inch Hunters. The finnish on the Blade can be rough and rustic with the forging surface and some hammer marks on it, or sanded down to a little shine, or etched from grey to black. The handles are different on each knife. Different materials, different shapes, different sizes, lean or chunky.


If you are searching for a knife that serves you many years to come, this is the place to go. At the Goshen Forge we have always around 20 knives in stock. You will also find our knives at Smokey Hollow General in Country Harbour.

Knife Forging Nova Scotia
Knife Forging Nova Scotia
Knife Forging Nova Scotia

Knife Forging Video

You want to know how to forge a knife? See my Video below.

The Goshen Forge

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At the Goshen Forge we offer enjoyment for the whole family. From oldschool knife forging to horseriding lessons, there is fun for everbody.

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